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drawing, do not share towel s with adults and

drawing, do not share towel s with adults and

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Secondly, the first layer of cowhide mat, any stains, dirty things are fine, cowhide mat surface smooth, 360 degrees no dead corner clean, only need a towel can be easily done, like our dandruff, hair, stains, are small case, do not hide dirt, do effective and thorough cleaning, let mother fall in love with, worry, ah, old, do not have the energy to take care of, cowhide mat is very suitable, simple!

Young children are lively and active, easy to have dirty hands and dirty faces, and rubbing their eyes with their hands can easily cause visual damage, so attention should be paid to guiding young children to develop hygiene habits. Wash your hands and face early in the morning, wash your hands before and after meals, usually wash your hands after playing with toys and drawing, do not share towels with adults and other children, read, write and keep a proper distance between your eyes and books. Drink plenty of boiled water to avoid getting too angry.

Mesh bags are designed with durable, breathable fabric that allows air to circulate freely. This feature plays a vital role in preventing odors, moisture retention, and mildew from ruining your belongings. Unlike traditional packing methods, where clothes get compressed together, mesh bags provide ample breathing space, reducing the chances of funky smells sticking to your garments. By keeping your dirty laundry or damp towels separate in these bags, you ensure that your other belongings stay fresh and odor-free throughout your journey.

drawing, do not share towel s with adults and

Help children gradually establish daily routines, learn to use markers, and help children know themselves. Seats, teacups, towels, through various means to let children clearly wash their hands, eat routines, learn to live a simple

The staff on duty act lightly, speak softly, keep the dormitory quiet, and strengthen the siesta observation. The young children who have a fever and take medicine should record the siesta observation in time. Individual care: pay more attention to frail children, but go to sleep first, sweaty children can put dry towels on their backs before going to bed, and sweaty towels should be removed in time.

Bathroom / bathroom pendant, in life, is a convenient tool; in space, it is decorated on one side. A set of bathroom pendants with a sense of design can not only be used to receive towels, but also play a role in promoting space style and auxiliary decoration.

Pay attention to washing hair, different hair quality should be targeted. Similarly, after washing your hair, you should also pay attention to “post-wash care”. When you blow-dry your hair, do not rub it vigorously with a towel. the surface of the towel is very rough and too strong, which will make your hair easy to break and lose.

According to the relevant data survey, the towel is not changed for three months, the number of bacteria is higher than the toilet, in the skin does not get better protection, skin problems will follow, acne, sensitive and vulnerable.

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