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kitchen towel display at craft fair

kitchen towel display at craft fair

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Daily touch patients have used towels, washbasins, or touched doorknobs, faucets, etc., and then rub their own eyes, may be infected. Pinkeye disease also occurs frequently due to swimming water quality.

6. Do a good job of midwifery in sow delivery. One week before the sow gives birth, do all the preparations for delivery, clean and sterilized birth bed, piglet incubator, surgical scissors, cotton wool, towels, disinfectant, medicine and so on. Sow piglets are on duty and midwifery, and the piglets are dried with towels, broken navel (disinfection), tooth-cutting and tail-cutting. If false dead piglets are found to be rescued in time, they will be dealt with in time in case of dystocia. Oxytocin 20-30ml after delivery, one is to promote the release of the uterus, the second is to speed up the recovery of the uterus, and the third is to promote milk. Can also be injected with antibiotics, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, laying the foundation for the whole life and strength of piglets.

4. when members come to fitness, please bring your personal belongings (towels, water cups, etc.) to do a good job of personal protection, keep a distance of more than one meter with other members during fitness, and take all your personal belongings away in time after the exercise is over. The cleaning staff in the store will disinfect the place every other hour.

The older generation is used to living frugally and doing anything. The first thing that comes to mind is to spend money. Therefore, many people are reluctant to eat, use and throw it away. They often eat leftovers, such as towels and toothbrushes, which they will not change for more than half a year. Even if some things are out of date, they will not throw them away and always eat them hot. Frugality is a virtue, but you should also pay attention to your body and not be stingy.

In 2009, the affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou welcomed a special patient who covered his head with a red towel, but frightened the doctor when he lifted his headscarf.

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