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reusable paper towels fabric

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At about 23:30 on the evening of July 22, the police of Xianyan Police Station of Ouhai District Public Security Bureau received a report from a takeout boy that a little girl got lost, cried in the grass and dared not come out. After the police answered the police, they immediately rushed to the address mentioned by the police, and found that the little girl had been drenched by Rain Water, squatting in the grass shivering. The police hurriedly carried the little girl into the police car, wiped Rain Water off her head with a towel, and calmed the little girl down.

In the video, the baby rubbed his eyes with a towel to prove that the eyelashes were real. In addition, the mother also posted photos of her own eyes, which dispelled all doubts and lamented the power of genes.

1 prepare a towel, choose pure cotton and thicker material. The key is to wrap the hair in a towel and slowly pat it from the hair to the scalp, and then press to remove the moisture from the hair root on the scalp. Do not rub your hair hard, so that you can not only remove moisture, but also massage the scalp, promote blood circulation and accelerate new metabolism.

I think of my career in the first year of junior high school. There is a senior sister in the third year of junior high school, an absolute goddess, especially the long black and beautiful hair under the waist. Almost every time she washes her hair, her younger sister is watching. Of course, I must be one of them. I was fascinated by the moist, soft black satin, the glossy gloss, the fragrance of shampoo, the elegant flick with towels, and the cool of tucking hair into my pocket.

Basic skin care, skin cleansing is of course the first step that can not be omitted. On one occasion, the newspaper conducted an experiment on exfoliating products and recruited three girls. one of the girls whose skin looked oily said that she never liked to use cleansing products, so she washed them with clean water and then wiped them with a towel.

Meng Lanchao is the head of a small towel factory in the beach village. after returning to work and production, facing a large number of orders, machinery and equipment is in urgent need of upgrading, while facing difficulties in capital investment. After the bank understood the situation, it immediately issued a loan of 1 million yuan for equipment upgrade. after the equipment upgrade, the output of towels was high, the quality was good, and the operating efficiency was also improved.

Most high-end cars have leather seats. When cleaning, chemical cleaning agents can not be sprayed casually. Alkaline detergents such as soapy water should be used. Soak the clean soft towel in warm water, evenly apply appropriate amount of soap on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat. After soaping, ventilate and dry, then wipe it twice with a clean, soap-free wet towel. This method is also suitable for cleaning plastic parts in door decorations and dashboards. The reason is that soap has strong decontamination power, does not stimulate human skin, and is more practical for leather cleaning. After cleaning, dry with cotton paper or soft towel to prevent scratching the leather. You can also dry the leather naturally in a cool and ventilated place, but do not use a hairdryer to dry the leather quickly.

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