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Some people are used to using hot towel s to wipe leather

Some people are used to using hot towel s to wipe leather

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After going out, you should first take off your clothes and change shoes, and then wash your hands carefully. When washing your hands, you need to rub your hands with each other, the back of your hands, palms, fingertips, fingers and wrists. The duration should be more than 20 seconds. Dry with clean dry towels or paper towels after washing. If the baby cooperates, you can clean your nose and gargle. Clothes and articles you carry when you go out should be cleaned and disinfected in time.

Some people are used to using hot towels to wipe leather furniture, in fact, it is wrong, leather furniture is easy to deform or fade in case of high temperature. In fact, the general leather furniture care can be wiped with a soft cloth of clean water. If you stick a stubborn stain, dilute the neutral detergent with warm water, wipe it with a dry cloth and wipe it with leather care agent after being completely dry. It should be noted that furniture to avoid direct sunlight, timely cleaning stains, the longer it takes to completely clean the more difficult.

Recently, because many girls are afraid of pain, they like to use hair removal cream to remove hair. However, you must have found that every time you use hair removal cream, there will always be a small blackhead on your skin. In the same case, before using hair removal cream, it is recommended to use warm towels and apply hair removal cream after the pores are open. you will find that not only the hair removal is cleaner, but also the hair removal effect will be more uniform!

1. Proper entry and stop, which can effectively prevent sagging problems, can be kept clean and dry with warm water and clean towels, which will make hygiene problems very important. To do a good job of cleaning, pregnant women have to deal with cleaning every day, plus to often breast-feed the baby. Can also prevent the baby from breastfeeding foldable inhalation of bacteria? Middle finger and ring finger at the right time. Areola and other scrub clean, so that not only can ensure their own hygiene, to know that the new mother post-natal body sweat greatly increased. Take your own powerlessness, maybe the baby is just a little emotional and needs to vent it.

In order to unify the interior standards of the dormitory, the freshmen of senior high school and junior high school will distribute daily necessities uniformly, including pillows, pillowcases, spring and autumn quilts, quilts, bed sheets, buckets, water cups, washbasins, rattan mats, towels, square towels, storage boxes. Parents are asked not to prepare these things by themselves and avoid repeat purchases.

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