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in sound insulation. Base plate sound insulation blanket , instrument panel sound

in sound insulation. Base plate sound insulation blanket , instrument panel sound

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The best time for a winter picnic is in the warm afternoon, so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the sun and be warm and comfortable. You can lie on a blanket and enjoy the sun, or build a quilt in the surrounding bushes.

Some things get better. For example, the walls and the matte green cloth curtains hanging heavily in front of the window, because of the strength of the wind, I wish I could tear them all down in summer, but now I wish they were thicker and stitch up the wind to the outside far away. The furry dolls, blankets and even cushions piled on the sofa want to be given away in summer, but today I feel their soft temperature by hugging them, knowing that fortunately they were not thrown away or given away at that time. At that time, I wish I could avoid the fire in the three-foot kitchen and the rising heat of the teapot, but today I want to get closer and closer. The sound of “nourishing la” and “chattering” makes me feel warm all over my body. I hope their heat will spill out forever and ever.

How can camping lack the classic equipment of picnic blankets? Heishaug picnic mat makes your camping life full of new possibilities everywhere! If you have a whim and want to have an on-the-spot picnic on the dewy grass, this sweet and practical waterproof design of the picnic mat will provide you with the perfect experience. Take it and go camping! After all, the vegetation is verdant at the moment, and all things grow.

Great efforts have also been made in sound insulation. Base plate sound insulation blanket, instrument panel sound absorption pad, suitcase sound absorption cotton, engine cabin sound insulation pad have been optimized by NVH, grade motor upgrade mute design, EPS mute design, door mute technology, acoustic mute glass, chassis mute training and many other aspects, reaching the library level mute design.

After the outbreak in Seattle, I became the focus of attention of my relatives in the country. They sent me face masks and sometimes shared with me the analytical articles of domestic experts on Wechat. Interestingly, the information they get from the domestic network is quite different from what I feel. In their description, the United States is already teetering on the brink of collapse. Maybe they will think worse of the situation out of concern. But in fact, as far as the area where I live is concerned, because it is far away from the city center and the population is small, people can still be seen walking dogs and children every day. It was sunny a few days ago, and the family spread a blanket under the tree in front of the door for a picnic. The flowers bloomed in clusters and the children had a good time.

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