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very high, so the teacher brought a towel to the child,

very high, so the teacher brought a towel to the child,

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To dry the baby, wrap her in a soft towel and gently pat her. “be careful around the neck, arms, legs, bottom and wrinkles between fingers and toes, because if they are not dry, they will become sore,” Rachel said.

The Food and Drug Administration reminds the public that if they want to move in the sun, it is recommended to use products with high sun protection factor and UVA protection, and it is recommended that you re-apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen every 2-3 hours or after wiping your skin with a towel; when swimming and playing in the water, use products marked with waterproof function to strengthen self-sun protection and reduce the possibility of suntan or sunburn.

Place the dough in a clean, oiled bowl and cover it with a clean kitchen towel or plastic wrap. Allow it to rise in a warm place for approximately 1 hour, or until it has doubled in size. This rising time is crucial for the bagels to develop their airy texture.

Our park regularly inspects the health work of the whole garden, and the staff of the health care room do a good morning check-up every day in accordance with the requirements of the kindergarten, and deal with the problems in time. Every day, the teaching staff of our garden carry on the xx daily life of young children, ensuring that every classroom, dormitory, canteen, etc., have a certain degree of hygiene and cleanliness, check towels and mouth cups every week, and remove unsafe items, such as knives, scissors, and so on. Timely and proper handling of problems found.

Experts believe that it is the nature of every child to play hide-and-seek. In general, the baby can play about 4 months, the most initial way to play: parents use their hands or towels to block themselves, and then suddenly remove the cover appears, the baby will be particularly surprised. The game can also be upgraded as the baby grows, and even children between the ages of 5 and 6 still like to play.

At the beginning of the semester, the garden department held a general meeting of the whole garden, at which health care is also very important. We should put the health of young children first and pay attention to it. I also thought of some ways when I got back to class. The next day, I asked myself to start with small things and be careful; to do a good job of disinfection every morning; morning examination; and disinfection of mouth cups and towels to create a healthy and safe atmosphere for the health of young children. there are individual cases of poor physical fitness also do a good job of personal work. When Xiaoling first entered our class, her mother specially reminded her that she must drink more water, or she would catch a cold. After such a reminder, always give yourself a wake-up call, busy will also remind her to drink water, at the same time do not forget other children in our class to drink water. Over time, children have also formed a habit that they will take the initiative to drink and replenish water without the need for a teacher to remind them. At that moment, I was very happy.

Please rehearse the children in advance to come out, the content of the situational performance is that a child caught a cold, not long after entering the garden, the teacher found that he was not energetic, the teacher took his body temperature and found that the temperature was very high, so the teacher brought a towel to the child, held the child with great concern, and called the parents. The child felt more comfortable and fell asleep. The teacher is on the side to give timely guidance.

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