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bathing suit in a bar, wrap a towel around your waist,

bathing suit in a bar, wrap a towel around your waist,

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There is a vaccine, but it has no effect on people who are already infected. Male circumcision is an important measure to prevent female cervical cancer. Public bathtubs, urinals and towels should be disinfected to avoid infection through non-sexual contact. Fixed sexual partner, but early sex life, enhance immunity. Quit smoking and drinking, and eat more foods rich in fiber and protein. Personal clothing needs to be cleaned, sterilized and placed separately. Do not share personal necessities with others. Exercise, strengthen the body resistance, do not stay up late. Pay attention to sexual hygiene, it is best to use condoms in sexual life, try to avoid going to public places such as hot springs or swimming, and have a light diet.

bathing suit in a bar, wrap a towel around your waist,

4. Drain the beans and pat them dry with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel.

When personnel leave the contaminated area, measures should be taken immediately to eliminate contamination. First of all, use brooms and branches to sweep and beat each other to remove radioactive dust from clothing. When sweeping and slapping, people should stand in the direction of the upper wind. Then take off the mask or mask, gargle, blow your nose, and scrub exposed parts of your body with water and soap. When lack of water, you can wipe with towels, handkerchiefs, etc., wipe once, fold once.

3. Repeated application of sunscreen: applying sunscreen is very important to the skin, mainly sweating or towel wiping may reduce the sunscreen effect, repeated application is not to get new protection, but to maintain sunscreen effect. To know that any care products, or even just water, mainly covered in sunscreen will affect the function of sunscreen, so you must reapply sunscreen after swimming or sweating.

bathing suit in a bar, wrap a towel around your waist,

When it comes to the beach bar, remember to buy some beautiful vests or tops when preparing your wardrobe, the kind that can be stuffed in a bag and put on a swimsuit at any time, in case someone suggests going to the bar on the way back from the beach. I think the worst thing is to wear a dirty bathing suit in a bar, wrap a towel around your waist, have wet hair, blush and drink heavily, surrounded by elegant and attractive women. I usually carry a small vest and chiffon salon in my beach bag for this occasion, as well as a small makeup bag with some of the simplest necessities: lipstick, blush, eyeliner, tanning lotion.

Do a good job of prevention: try to choose clean water quality when playing and swimming. If there is water in the ear, pat the outer ear with a clean towel or cotton swab to keep the ear canal dry. Wear swimming earplugs: can effectively avoid “swimming ears”. Swimming earplugs

Next, the incense pot tidied up his things, put away his shoes and clothes, and then put things such as towels and towels on the balcony, because the washtable was on the balcony.

bathing suit in a bar, wrap a towel around your waist,

Parents must have shortcomings, teaching sports may not be as good as coaches, teaching music is not as good as teachers, professional guidance can make children grow up better. In the growth of the child, the parent becomes the runner and the person who hands out the towel.

On a rainy night, a girl hurried into a small restaurant. Her wet coat was thoroughly drenched by Rain Water, leaving some signs on the floor tiles at the door of the restaurant. Seeing this, the waiter quickly brought her a cup of hot tea and a towel and asked if she needed any help. The girl was so grateful that she temporarily put down her coat and sat in the nearest corner.

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