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be able to hold lunch in a freezer.

be able to hold lunch in a freezer.

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Near lunchtime, the constant temperature distribution new energy vehicle drove into the No. 22 Middle School in Mudan District, and the staff put the incubator at the pick-up spot outside each classroom. With the campus reminder bell ringing, the students lined up to pick up and eat under the leadership of the teacher, and in each dining classroom, a teacher accompanied the students to have lunch.

The cooked food will be uniformly loaded by the staff on the conveyor belt. After entering the incubator, these lunch boxes are transported to the hot chain bus through the input window, leaving at about 11:00 to get to school before the students finish school. After receiving lunch, the students will have a centralized meal in the classroom.

be able to hold lunch in a freezer.

The 58-year-old Lewen, a community diner in Jiaxing, amputated a right calf and lost several fingers, but every day she carried an incubator and ran hundreds of floors to deliver loving lunches for the elderly for eight years. Lewen is a child who grew up in a welfare home. The staff named her “Lewen” in the hope that she can have a happy life. ? @ Qianjiang Evening News

It is rare for children from kindergarten to 12th grade to be able to hold lunch in a freezer. A soft insulated lunch box that can hold ice bags can keep food at a safe temperature, and these bags are usually lighter and cheaper than other types of bags. Small food storage and is a practical, reusable option that can be easily packaged and placed in an insulated lunch box.

Picnic forest: another open space in the garden is an area dedicated to picnic tables and movable seats, a place for families and office workers to have lunch or rest, and a place for community gatherings and small events.

be able to hold lunch in a freezer.

During the lunch chat among colleagues, a colleague said that the only daughter (I am) would not do housework well and was not a good marriage partner, and that his wife was taking credit for taking credit, and so on, which was very typical disparaging remarks about women. Although I am barren, I still feel offended for my female colleague who is sitting here.

A: the public window for breakfast on the first floor of Hexiang ends at 8:30 and the noodle mixing window ends at 9:00. Due to the need to clean up and clean the incubator in advance, disinfection and other preparation work for lunch supply (lunch starts gradually at 10:30), the serving time for breakfast can not be extended for the time being. The next step of the catering management service center is to adjust the business model of individual stalls and strive for some windows to be open 24 hours a day.

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