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the house, the bathroom towel s and soft-haired toothbrushes can

the house, the bathroom towel s and soft-haired toothbrushes can

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This summer cool activity focuses on front-line workers and new employment forms of outdoor work, such as take-out delivery workers, sanitation workers, couriers, construction site workers, public security traffic police, and so on. Successively went to the takeout industry party and mass service center, sanitation office, postal group company, construction site, Wanhua plastic weaving, Dongtai machinery and other places, for the hot summer workers who are still struggling in the work line to send heat prevention gift packages containing mung beans, mineral water, towels, sugar, water cups.

Comfortable bathroom is to give people a comfortable feeling, but usually narrow space, stacked bath sundries, as far as possible to use the bathroom cabinet main extension storage area, such as under the sink, above the toilet, corner wall and other abnormal zero space, to remember to classify. Towels and toilet paper are developed upward, and bath products are placed near the ground, but keep distance from the ground, avoid direct contact with moisture, install storage mirror boxes, make good use of the inside of bath mirrors, and increase the location of items.

To sum up, the ground wire at home must check its reliability, and bad contact should be found in time and repaired in time. In addition, the toilet equipotential must be reliably connected and cannot be discarded. Toilet equipotential connection can ensure that when leakage occurs, showers, floor leaks, valves, towel bars and the ground are all at the same potential to avoid electric shock.

Nurses should, in accordance with the provisions of the disinfection system, conscientiously do a good job in the disinfection of water cups, towels, bowls and chopsticks, and conscientiously do a good job in the disinfection of water cup racks and tables before meals, which is the basic hygiene work. In that case, do you know how to write the work plan of the caregiver? The following brings you some about the next work plan of kindergarten caregivers for your reference.

the house, the bathroom towel s and soft-haired toothbrushes can

The second is the bathroom, which is also an area that everyone will use every day. Families brush their teeth and wash their faces and urinate in the bathroom. If there is no one to clean the house, the bathroom towels and soft-haired toothbrushes can easily get messed up,

The base of the baby and the root of the thigh turn red. If you do not complete the following four steps, this may happen: first, when the child changes diapers every two or three hours, the mother should not ignore the signal that the child is crying for help. Most importantly, the baby must be washed with large, warm water, dried with a clean towel, and then applied with hip protection cream.

How to help children maintain good eyesight? Limit the time to use electronic products; parents lead by example; spend more time with their children; organize more outdoor activities; eat a balanced diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less sweet fast food. Finally, I will teach you an eye SPA. You might as well do it for your child every day. First prepare some hot water, which is hotter than taking a bath. Soak one towel and twist it dry, while the other towel is immersed in cold water with ice cubes, twist hard and set aside to prepare. Let the child keep his eyes closed and lie down and relax. First put a hot towel on your eyes for about 5 minutes, and then put an ice towel on your eyes for about 5 minutes. This can not only relieve eye fatigue, but also eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

“well” my mother is actually only 40 years old, but she looks like an old woman in her fifties and sixties. His hands were cracked and covered with calluses, and his dark face was covered with wrinkles! Wearing a blue towel on his head and wearing the clothes he often wears during the Spring Festival, he is very clean and tidy. Under my feet are the army green sneakers that my father left behind, which my mother has been reluctant to wear!

the house, the bathroom towel s and soft-haired toothbrushes can

First, use the eyes scientifically and form a good habit of using eyes. Long-term eye use can easily lead to eye fatigue and lead to myopia, so try to reduce the continuous eye use of children and adolescents, taking a rest for 5-10 minutes every 30-40 minutes. For example, you can look at the distant scenery outside the window or take a walk outdoors. It helps to relax the regulation of the ciliary muscles or use towels to help the blood circulation of the eyes when you get home from school. Children and teenagers should also maintain correct posture when reading and writing, strictly abide by the requirements of “one foot, one punch, one inch”, do not read books lying down, do not read or write in places where the light is too strong or too dark, and seriously do good eye exercises; parents should also tell their children not to rub their eyes so as not to cause bacterial infection.

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