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Infection is caused by contact with hands, towel s and toys contaminated

Infection is caused by contact with hands, towel s and toys contaminated

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Suggestions for the use of ‚óŹ: when using sunscreen products, we should pay attention to the control of usage, apply evenly, ensure that every part gets adequate sunscreen protection, and reapply in time, especially in the case of swimming, sweating, wiping towels and so on.

To sense the fluidity of water, you will pour water into the bottle at the mouth of the small bottle with a cup and try not to spill the material: a bottle of eight treasures porridge for each child is filled with a towel (with a small opening in the lid, you can pour water but can not see the towel inside) and a measuring cup containing the right amount of water; sponge, cotton, stone, fruit net, napkin and other materials; record the process of a

To measure the quality of a towel, you should not only look at water absorption, but also color fastness, depilation rate and other indicators. The Vosges Group is confident about the quality of its products. In order to make a good product, the optimization of raw materials, strict control of the whole process production process is indispensable.

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common infectious disease caused by enterovirus infection in children under 5 years old. Close contact is an important mode of transmission of HFMD. Infection is caused by contact with hands, towels and toys contaminated by the virus, and can also be transmitted through respiratory droplets. It can also be infected after drinking or eating virus-contaminated water and food. Clinical is characterized by hand and foot skin, oropharynx herpes. The following points of protection should be done:

Carry on the thought and hygiene general knowledge to the young children at any time, give key guidance to individual children, have the good habit of washing hands carefully and sequentially, do not play with water when washing hands, can wipe soap, can wipe hands with their own towels; can use tableware correctly, have civilized eating behavior, chew slowly, not picky, concentrate on eating; keep the table, floor and clean, wipe mouth and rinse with water after meal Can enter the sleeping room quietly, put the clothes in the fixed place, go to bed quietly, sleep in the right position.

Prepare a round stick in advance, just like the sewer in the dining room kitchen, tie a towel, put some water in the kitchen sink, and then shake the stick so that the garbage and oil stains clogged in the underwater channel will unfold to dredge the pipe.

In winter, it is best for parents to use sleeping bags for their babies, so that it is not easy to kick the quilt and prevent their children from catching cold, as long as they put cotton towels in the sleeping belt.

Infection is caused by contact with hands, towel s and toys contaminated

If the toilet does not have ample space, might as well directly use the metope to install shelves, put shampoo, shower gel and other items neatly on the shelves; you can also paste a few hooks for hanging towels. These shelves and hooks are small in size, do not occupy space, and can make the bathroom look more tidy.

9:45, with the fire alarm sounded, all the teachers arrived at the designated place immediately according to the plan deployed in advance. The class teachers and the teachers in the class methodically instructed the students to assemble, covering their mouths and noses with wet towels. Bend down close to the wall and move forward quickly according to the route designated by the school, and evacuate to the school badminton playground.

Fourth, advocate returning to their hometown and work at the wrong peak. During the Spring Festival travel period, we should plan the itinerary in advance and prepare sufficient masks, hands-free drugs and other protective materials. When riding by plane, train and other means of transport, it is necessary to observe order and crew management requirements, wear masks throughout the journey, do good hand hygiene, and properly keep the bill for inquiry. Take the elevator should wear a mask, do not touch other facilities in the elevator; enter the room before opening windows for ventilation; it is recommended to bring their own water cups, towels and other personal belongings; recommend non-contact payment. After returning from the trip, continue to do a good job of personal health monitoring, should be self-observation for 14 days, once there is physical discomfort, timely medical treatment, and take the initiative to inform the residence situation.

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